Small keyboard size,
BIG keyboard functionality.

The most compact mechanical keyboards are known as 60% keyboards.

They pack a lot of power and comfort into their small size — but they all suffer from the same fundamental problem...

They lack arrow keys.

The Matias 60% Keyboard is the first one to solve this properly. It gives you the power of a full keyboard in the smallest usable size.

Proper arrow keys.
(and more)

It has the same clever navigation cluster as our top-of-the-line Ergo Pro keyboard...

It features not just arrrow keys, but a full bank of nav keys in the standard desktop pattern. This is an unprecedented level of functionality for a keyboard this small.

Plus, by retaining the standard desktop pattern, we’re not forcing you to learn something new. This makes it much easier — especially if you still use larger keyboards, and need to switch back and forth.

Nav Key Cluster

For Mac users, more accustomed to navigating via an fn + arrrow key combination, we’re offering that option for Mac...  ( fn+Up = PgUp,  fn+Down = PgDn,  etc. )

Arrow Key Cluster

We’ve even included an extra fn key for the right hand, so you can perform these functions one-handed. This is almost as fast and convenient as the dedicated nav keys of the PC version.

Finally, please note that both keyboard layouts can be set to either PC or Mac, via a DIP switch setting — so you are free to purchase whichever model you prefer.

Perfect size for travel
or simply to free up extra space on your desk.

There are lots of benefits that come with a compact keyboard...

  • More free space on your desk.

  • Using your mouse is more comfortable — because you don’t have to reach as far.

  • Easy to pack for trips.
    If you loathe your laptop’s built-in keyboard, this one will easily fit in your laptop bag, so you can take it with you, anywhere you like.

    Aluminum case upgrade available.

    In addition to the other customization options, for the first time, we’re offering the option to upgrade the keyboard case from black plastic to aluminum.

    The unibody aluminum cases are milled from a single block of aluminum, and anodized with a beautiful surface finish.

    Black and Aluminum Cases

    Your choice of the best switches...

    Mechanical keyboards feel better and let you type faster, because of the switches — their internal mechanics are made of metal (not rubber) and they’re built to stricter manufacturing tolerances than normal consumer keyboards.

    The best switches let you actually feel the actuation point. Matias ALPS-inspired switches are designed to do precisely that. For the Matias 60% Keyboard, we’re offering 3 switch options...

    Matias Click switches are ideal for typing. They provide the maximum amount of tactile feedback of any switch, and they click — so you can feel and hear yourself working. If you’re a creative professional (or discerning amateur), this is as good as it gets.

    Matias Quiet Click switches are perfect for typing in places where clicky switches are too loud. They’re the quietest mechanical keyswitches made today.

    Matias Quiet Linear switches are NEW and they’re designed for gamers. They provide LESS tactile feedback, so they’re not ideal for typing, but for gaming they’re perfect. They are the quietest mechanical switch made for gamers — extra stealthy for when you don’t want people within earshot to know what you’re up to.


    ALPS *and* Cherry switch support
    for DIY makers.

    If you’re a keyboard enthusiast who likes to build their own boards, we’ve designed it so that the keys that don’t specifically require ALPS switches can be replaced by Cherry ones.

    In fact, the SAME mounting plate & PCB supports BOTH Cherry and ALPS. This is the first keyboard ever to offer this capability.

    As part of this Group Buy only, you have the option to purchase all the component parts needed to build your own keyboard.

    Green Painted Case Mod

    Case & keycap support
    for custom modders.

    As part of this Group Buy only, you can purchase extra cases that you can paint / decal / electroplate / whatever, to give your keyboard a unique personalized look.

    Using a spare case for this is safer than experimenting on the one that comes attached to your nice new keyboard. :-)

    Modifying a spare case also means that your keyboard is not “in the shop” until the new case is ready.

    What’s a Group Buy?

    A group buy (or GB) is a custom-made item, done at the request of the keyboard enthusiast community.

    It can be anything from keycaps, to cases, to an entire keyboard. A GB lets you participate in the design process, and get something custom-made to your needs.

    The Matias 60% keyboard GB has many unique features that came at the specific request of users — including swappable Ctrl / Caps Lock keys, Fn-layer triggers for system-side macros, and the option to buy component parts that you can use to customize the look of your keyboard.

    Because of the custom and exclusive nature of a Group Buy, credit cards are charged at the time your order is placed. A limited number of units are made — only enough to satisfy the number of orders received.

    This is the first time we’ve done a product this way. We’re very excited by all the user feedback we’ve gotten, and are eager to get started on development.

    How long will I have to wait to receive my keyboard?

    Based on past projects, we estimate that it will take 8-18 months to complete.

    As things progress, we’ll post updates and photos, so you can watch it take shape, and see what your participation has made possible.

    What happens if you sell a lot of these?
    Do your costs go down?

    The tooling costs for doing a new product are spread across the number of units sold. That means that our costs go down as we sell more.

    Of course, if we don’t sell enough, then the tooling costs don’t get covered, and the project results in a loss for us. Also, if the keyboard is priced too high, and not enough people buy it, again we risk running a loss.

    So, here’s our plan to balance these interests...

    The keyboard is priced at $150.

    If we sell 250 keyboards @ $150, all of our tooling costs are covered — but we make no profit. We’re essentially working for free.

    If we sell 500 keyboards, the project will be profitable for us, and the time we put into it will have been paid for.

    If we sell 650 keyboards or more, then the project will have been more profitable than we expected, and we will use that extra money to UPGRADE the product for everyone who purchased.

    PBT keycap UPGRADEs with higher sales...

    If sales exceed our expectations, we will invest that extra money in PBT keycap tooling, and automatically upgrade the keycaps to PBT for everyone who bought one.

    Here are the upgrade levels, as higher sales are achieved...

       =   Bottom row keys are PBT
    Upper rows are ABS
       =   Wider keys upgraded to PBT
       =   All keys upgraded to PBT

    What are PBT keycaps?

    click for larger imageKeycaps are the tops of the keys that your fingers rest on (and press). Underneath the keycaps are switches and electronics that do all the work behind the scenes.

    PBT is a special type of plastic that feels better to the touch and is highly resistant to discoloration. It’s perfect for keycaps. Most keycaps are made from another type of plastic called ABS.

    ABS is good, but PBT is better.