Matias Wireless Aluminum Keyboard

now available Worldwide

in Apple’s Signature Colors


TORONTO, Canada / ROME, Italy, December 6, 2016 — Matias today announced new models of its Wireless Aluminum Keyboard for Europe, joining the US, UK, French, German, and Japanese models, in Apple’s signature colours.

“We are very pleased to welcome iDistribution as our new distributor for Italy. They will be carrying Silver and Space Gray in the Italian layout. We now have almost all of Europe covered, along with North America, Asia, and Australia,” said Edgar Matias, CEO of Matias.

“Fans of Apple’s original aluminum keyboards, who have craved a Bluetooth one with numeric keypad, will find that the new Matias keyboards meet the same high standards. They are rechargeable with a 1-year battery life, and can pair up to 4 Bluetooth devices — be they Mac, iPad, Windows, or Android,” added Matias.

The keyboards will be on display at CES 2017 (Thurs-Sun, January 5-8) in Booth #9522, iLounge Pavilion, LVCC North Hall.

Price & Availability

The Matias Wireless Aluminum Keyboard is available for US$99 or €119 (including VAT) from Matias and authorized resellers / distributors worldwide...

Italy - iDistribution

UK - The Keyboard Company

France, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg - 2Serve

Germany, Austria - MacLAND

China - Beijing LaiGe Technology

Japan - Diatec

Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand - Macshop

Australia - Weston / AusPCMarket

New Zealand - Computer Direct

About Matias
Co-founded by an inventor and an accountant, Matias led the way in re-establishing the mechanical keyboard market, starting in 2003 with the release of its award winning Tactile Pro Keyboard for Mac, and more recently with the development of its own ALPS-inspired Matias Mechanical Keyswitches.

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Matias Wireless Aluminum Keyboard


• Aluminum available in...
Silver, Gold, Space Gray, Rose Gold

• Pairs up to 4 Bluetooth devices,
with layout support for Mac, iOS,
Windows, and Android

• Rechargeable 1-year battery life


$ 99 USD

$ 129 CAD

€ 119   (including VAT)

£ 99   (including VAT)

A$165   (including GST)

RMB 728

¥ 10,800   (税別)

Size & Weight:

17.35” x 4.58” x 0.75”
(44.1 x 11.6 x 1.9 cm)

1.18 lbs (535 g)

Charging Cable:

3.25 feet (1 m)

Aluminum thickness:

0.14” (3.5 mm)



High-resolution images





Space Gray

Rose Gold

US layout

Italian layout

UK layout

German layout

French layout

Japanese (JIS) layout

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