Armor Clip.  The ultimate belt clip for your mobile gear. Armor Clip.  The ultimate belt clip for your mobile gear.
Armor Clip.  The ultimate belt clip for your mobile gear.

100 Year WarrantyThe clip that lasts 100 years.
Made from the highest quality materials, the Armor Clip™ is built to provide decades of reliable, hassle-free operation. Its patented release mechanism is designed to eliminate false releases, yet still allows fast and easy removal using just one hand.

Takes the weight.
The Armor Clip is rated for up to 60 lbs of vertical force and 80 lbs of horizontal force. Considering that most items you'll hang off your belt weigh only a few ounces, this far exceeds the maximum required.

360-degree swivel.
When locked together, the Armor Clip and its anchor will still rotate freely, for maximum comfort and freedom of movement.

Matias Armor ClipOver-engineered to last.
The Armor Clip is designed to last a long time. The release mechanism has been tested to withstand between 650,000 and 2 million releases. Assuming an average of 50 clip releases per day, that's 35 to 110 years of service. The belt clip mechanism has been tested to withstand 35,000 to 60,000 presses. Assuming that you attach the clip to your belt in the morning and remove it at night, that's 48 to 82 years of service.

This anchor will not come off!
The stick-on anchor attaches with a special 3M adhesive. It will hold weights of up to 60 lbs. You'll never have to worry about it coming off.

Extra anchors included.
The Armor Clip comes with three anchors, so that you can use your Armor Clip with different devices. Cell phones, cordless phones, MP3 players, PDAs, digital cameras - they can all be carried on your Armor Clip.


where can I get one?

The Armor Clip has been retired and is no longer available.

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"Once you apply the hook for the clip, that sucker isn’t coming off, and let me tell you - I tried really hard! The belt clip seems really rugged and well constructed. It's much better than the belt clip that comes on Apple’s case which I’ve seen break on two occasions."
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