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Desktop comfort, laptop convenience, high style.
click to enlargeThe iFold raises your laptop to monitor height, giving you desktop computer comfort, without sacrificing the mobile convenience of a laptop.  Simply plug in a separate keyboard & mouse to alleviate neck and wrist pain.

Made from the highest grade of acrylic, and embedded with chromed zinc alloy hinges, the iFold will look great in your home, office, or studio.

Cool & quiet.
With its sleek "open air" design, the iFold keeps your laptop cool and quiet. Air circulates freely underneath, allowing your computer to run much cooler, and with a lot less noise from the fan switching on. Your battery will last longer and it may even extend the life of your computer.

Non-slip rubber pads on the iFold keep your computer securely in place.

As portable as your laptop.
click to enlargeWhen folded flat, the iFold makes a great cooling pad. If your notebook runs too hot to use on your lap, simply slide the iFold under it. Rubber pads hold your computer safely in place, while air passes freely underneath, keeping your laptop and your lap cool.
As portable as your laptop.
Your laptop is portable.  Your stand should be too.  The iFold's innovative folding mechanism allows it to fold completely flat, so that it easily fits into your notebook bag.
Keep your ports accessible.
The iFold leaves all ports and slots on your computer accessible and free from obstruction. Whether your CD/DVD drive is on the front or the side, the iFold is ideal for your laptop.

where can I get one?

The iFold has been retired and is no longer available.



In the box:  
iFold stand & carrying sleeve

Fits virtually any laptop, PC or Mac.

11.25” x 8.88” x 0.69”
(28.6 x 22.5 x 1.75 cm)

Stand height
7.38"  (18.7 cm)

2 lbs. (902 g)


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Matias iFold Notebook Stand & Cooling Pad (Black)

IF102 K78135
2226908 47593H 8 33742 00147 5

  • Portable stand for your laptop.
  • Work in comfort with your laptop raised to eye level.
  • Use with a separate keyboard & mouse to eliminate neck and wrist pain.
  • Folds flat to fit in your laptop bag.
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