Matias Folding Keyboard - Support

How to pair the iPad with the Matias Wireless Folding Keyboard

Find the Settings app & tap it.
Tap on General.

Then tap on Bluetooth.

If Bluetooth is off, tap the OFF button to turn it ON.

Bluetooth will begin searching for devices...
Press the on/off button. (1)

A blue light (2) will flash briefly to indicate that it's on.

Next, with a pen or pencil, hold down the pairing button (3) until the
blue light starts flashing.

When the keyboard appears, tap on Not Paired.
A message telling you the passkey will appear.

Type the passkey on the numberpad.

Then press the Enter key.

The keyboard is now connected and ready to be used.
To turn off the keyboard, press the on/off button (1).

A yellow light (2) will flash briefly to indicate that it's off.



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