Protect the one you love. iPod Armor. Compatible with Video iPod

Protect the one you love.
Stylish, lightweight and rugged, Matias Armor™ keeps your iPod® looking as new as the day you bought it.

Matias Armor fits all full-size Apple iPod models, including the new 5th-generation Video model. Looking for a case for your iPod mini? We've got those, too.

Total access to all iPod controls when open.
Unique friction foam interior holds your iPod securely in place, while giving you unobstructed access to the entire front face of your iPod.

Total protection when closed.
Matias Armor completely encases your iPod, leaving only the top ports accessible, and the docking connector on newer iPods protected behind a removable rubber panel.

Matias Armor takes the abuse,
so your iPod doesn't have to.
Rugged aluminum construction keeps your iPod safe from scratches and other random daily hazards. Toss it in your bag. Throw it in your purse. No need to worry anymore. Your iPod is safe in its shell.

" provides better protection than anything else I've seen."

Protective foam interior.
The open-cell EVA foam interior also acts as a cushion, offering extra protection against the accidental (and highly discouraged!) dropping of your iPod.

Takes the hit.
Matias Armor is ideal for skiers, snowboarders, or anyone worried about falling on their iPod during sports. Unlike other cases, Matias Armor's hard outer shell does not actually touch your iPod (it is held suspended, floating between layers of foam) so the force of a fall goes into the outer shell of the case, rather than into your iPod.

Takes the heat.
Aluminum is a great conductor. Your iPod actually runs cooler in the Armor than it would lying flat on a table. The case is designed to lift the iPod off the table slightly, allowing air to pass under it.

Built like a tank.
Matias Armor is built to last, and comes with a 5 year warranty.
111 x 67 x 27 mm (4.37” x 2.64” x 1.06”)
64 g (2.26 oz)

Optional belt clip.
Made from the highest quality materials, our Armor Clip (included) is rated for weights of over 100 times the weight of your iPod and case. Its patented release mechanism is designed to eliminate false releases, while still allowing fast and easy removal using just one hand.

"Once you apply the hook for the clip, that sucker isn’t coming off, and let me tell you - I tried really hard! The belt clip seems really rugged and well constructed. It's much better than the belt clip that comes on Apple’s case which I’ve seen break on two occasions." Envy News


where can I get one?

Matias Armor for iPod
is no longer available.



Playlist review
"If you're looking for the ultimate in crushproof protection, look no more." (rated 5 out of 5) [more]

MacSofa Review
"This is a fantastic case and I would recommend it to anyone with an iPod."

Mac Addict
Rated 4 out of 5 by Mac Addict"... redefines iPod protection."
July 2003 Issue

View  Time magazine article
"The Schwarzenegger of the bunch... ideal for skateboarders, snowboarders and other sports enthusiasts who tend to fall down a lot."
June 2, 2003 issue

Envy News
"Everything about the Armor case seems rugged and durable."


Matias Armor - Superior protection + scroll wheel access for iPod Classic and iPod Video.  Now only $19.95




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