OS X Keyboard - a better keyboard for Mac OS X OS X Keyboard - click for a larger image
OS X Keyboard - click for a larger image OS X Keyboard - click for a larger image OS X Keyboard - click for a larger image
find that symbol!
find that symbol!
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USB ports

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Find that €£©™ symbol!
No need to launch another application to find the ™ € £ © and other symbols. Each key is clearly labeled. Simply hold down the Option or Shift-Option keys.

Menu symbols too.
The special symbols used for menu shortcuts aren't always clear either. We all know Command symbol, but the OS X Keyboard also has option, shift, control, page up symbols and more.

Work faster with an extra Control key.
An extra Control key is positioned to let you Control-Click contextual menus faster (just like the 2nd button on a 2-button mouse).

Work smarter with an extra Tab key.
A Tab key on the number pad allows one-handed number entry into forms and spreadsheets, leaving your other hand free to flip through information being entered.

Eject and Volume controls.
The OS X Keyboard also has the standard Eject (F12) and Volume control keys.

2-port USB hub on the back.
For quickly attaching USB peripherals, nothing beats the convenience of an in-keyboard USB hub. No need to reach through the tangle of wires behind your computer to plug in your digital camera, keyring hard drive, joystick, or mouse.

Quiet Dome Switches.
The OS X Keyboard uses high-quality rubber dome keyswitches. They provide a quiet tactile feel, yet offer enough resistance to hold the weight of your hands, which reduces long-term fatigue.

OS X MouseSpecifications.
47.5 x 17.3 x 3.5 cm (18.7" x 6.8" x 1.4")
727 g (1.6 lbs)
Cable Length: 139 cm (54.7")

Everything you need in a mouse, too.
The OS X Keyboard is also available as a Combo Pack that includes a mouse! The OS X Mouse has a scroll wheel for quick, smooth scrolling through documents and web pages, a 2nd mouse button for contextual menus, and a precision optical sensor for accurate tracking.

Even better with Key Maestro.
The OS X Keyboard works even better with Key Maestro automation software. Key Maestro lets you set up your own custom keyboard commands that can be triggered much faster using the OS X Keyboard's extra Control key. You can create new menu shortcuts, automate frequently-used commands, control iTunes or other applications running in the background, and much much more.

OS X keyboard - profile view


Save your money!
Buy an OS X Keyboard & Mouse for much less than Apple's Keyboard and Mouse.



where can I get one?

The OS X Keyboard is no longer available.

For an alternate choice, please consider the
USB 2 Keyboard or the Tactile Pro Keyboard.

TidBits review
"Matias has done something that would seem obvious except for the fact that no one has done it before: they printed the Option- and Shift-Option characters on every keycap. It's a brilliant move; no longer do you need a software utility to look up the degree character when you can just glance at the keyboard and see that it's Shift-Option-8."




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