Matias began in 1989, in Edgar Matias’ parents’ basement, in a suburb of Toronto. Since that time, it has survived the dot-com boom & bust, the Great Recession, and every other manner of calamity.

The two main co-founders (Edgar Matias and Steve McGowan) have grown it into a globally recognized brand, known for high quality and a high level of personal customer service — a real person answers when you call / email, and if you have a problem, we try very hard to fix it.

Matias has also gained a reputation for “rescuing” lost technologies, the most famous example being the ALPS mechanical keyswitches in its award-winning Tactile Pro Keyboards.

Some customer feedback we've received over the years is reprinted below. You can also read a MacDirectory profile article about us here.

My company and I are huge fans of Matias and their extraordinary computer keyboards, and we have been incredibly happy and highly satisfied customers going all the way back to 2010! Indeed, we get the fantastic and award-winning Matias “Tactile Pro” keyboard for everyone at our company, and we use them on all of our Macs and Windows PCs.

The reasons why we only buy Matias keyboards are both highly compelling and also very simple: Because Matias keyboards are extremely (1) rugged, (2) reliable, (3) long-lasting, (4) accurate, and (5) provide exceptional and very helpful tactile key feedback, all of which enables us to type both much more quickly and also much more accurately. Accordingly, and as a result, we all get a lot more work done, our productivity increases, and typos are eliminated.

As a hedge fund industry CEO, and a former editor of a computer magazine, I cannot recommend highly enough Matias and their extraordinary computer keyboards. We have recommended them to countless friends, family and industry colleagues, all of who love them; and I know that you will too!

Evan Katz, CEO, Crawford Ventures, Inc., hedge fund expert, and former Contributing Editor of Personal Computing magazine

I am writing to thank you for your incredibly well designed black aluminum 17" slim laptop case. I purchased the case to hold my Alienware Area-51 7700 laptop, prior to deploying for my 3rd tour in Iraq. During the tour this case performed excellently in a total of 243 combat patrols over a course of 364 days.

The most impressive incident however was the 20 ft drop from a landing helicopter onto the tarmac. It landed on the bottom hinge corner, bounced, and then tumbled with the wind created from the prop. The case unfortunately did not survive, but the computer inside was fine. I immediately sent the computer back to Alienware for any needed repairs, only to find out that other than some minor surface scratches, the computer was unharmed. Thank you again, and I will definitely be purchasing a replacement case for my laptop from your company.

SSG Che Craig

I've had my case for about a year, and it's AWESOME! I work in the music industry with the best of the best "A" list Grammy award winning composers, arrangers, producers, and performers. To a person, they all are MacBook Pro users, in and out of the studio, and on stage, and I PLEAD with all of them to get your case for their machines. One friend who used to tour with Tony Bennett had to replace three MBPs in a two year period from tour dropping, wear and tear! Your case would've prevented that I'm sure.


wow, you guys are amazing!  I'd seen some web reviews that said customer service was good, but certainly didn't expect anything quite so prompt and proactive as your answer to my inquiry.


After reading an article in Mac Life about the new Matias Tactile Pro 3 keyboard, I decided to give it a try. My order arrived as expected and installation was as easy as the instructions stated. The iMac, after a few keystrokes, recognized the keyboard and I began to use it. I love the way you can "hear" the key strokes almost like an old fashioned typewriter (a mechanical device used by your parents, needed no electricity with early models). You can really punch the keys and for me, the steady consistent "sound" of typing something has a certain relaxing quality. That may not be appropriate for a large office with a lot of people.

However, the iMac begin to look for a "bluetooth" mouse on start up, as I had used one of the 3 USB ports to connect my mouse too, and this was becoming a problem. I also wasn't able to use the "F" keys. I sent an email to Matias customer support and within a day their customer support had replied asking a few questions. After those answers, their IT department came to the conclusion that it was a defective keyboard and told me they would ship a new one to me right away.

The new one arrived within two days and has been great with everything working as promised. As a courtesy, and for their excellent way in which this matter was handled, I used the new box to ship the defective one back. Hopefully it will help them.

In this day of "lost emails" within customer service departments it was refreshing to see mine taken seriously and having the problem worked on and solved by people who sincerely seemed to want a happy and satisfied customer, which is what they have.


I filled out the web form to be notified when the Tactile Pro 3.0 keyboard becomes available. There is a message section and I just put in pathetically that the feet had broken off of my Tactile Pro 1.0 keyboard so I needed to purchase a new one.

Ok, now you know how web forms work.  The email address goes into a database and no one ever reads the message section.

Except at Matias!

Less than 24 hours later I was contacted through email by a customer service representative.

She wrote to me that if I give her my address she would mail me replacement feet.  That’s right.  I sent her my address.  And a few days later, Matias paid $6.50 CAD to send me an envelope with two replacement feet.

Truly amazing. Matias, you have a customer for life!


This is just a note that I wanted to send out on my brand-new Matias Tactile Pro 3.0! It is to thank you so, so much. Us writers (on a Mac, but of course even PCers also!) thank you the world over.

This is hands down THE best keyboard I've ever used in my life! And that is saying a LOT. I try out hundreds. Matter of fact, I just ditched my Filco (with Cherry "blue" switches) for this one. The ALPS feel so much more stable and responsive. I also like the nice soft sound of the spacebar. Splendid job you guys did on this board. It is so well-thought and planned. Love the laser-etched keys, usb hubs, caps lock light, the adjustable feet. EVERYTHING.


Seriously. I believe people (especially us Americans) are ignorant as to how IMPORTANT it is to have first-rate peripherals. I mean we use our keyboards daily. I was one of those users that thought Apple outdid themselves with their slim aluminum rubber-dome-type keyboard. That was until I stumbled across the world of mechanicals. And now the Matias Tactile Pro 3.0 is by far THE best, no question.

Most users need to be educated about how the cost up front is nothing if they consider the ALPS switches, the stellar construction of the keyboard, and the laser engraving. And they don't realize that if more people were privy to this product, that the cost will eventually go down due to the entire enterprise being worth it to the companies making the switches. (I'm so glad you guys secured the deal with ALPS by the way! Hopefully many users such as myself will make YOUR venture worth it.)

Thank you again for an amazing keyboard experience, and for making typing a heavenly sensation for my fingertips. :)

Michael Weinstock



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