A second saved is a second earned. Optimizer keyboard. Designed for accountants, Writers, and Engineers - So you can get your work done faster.

Save time. Save money.
Time is money. And just like a dripping tap, seconds really add up if you waste them. Every minute you use the Optimizer, you save those precious seconds.

optimize key
The Key to Speed
The Optimize key puts the commands you use most right at your fingertips...

Use Spreadsheets Faster

Hold down Optimize and the Number Pad becomes an Arrow Pad. Combine with Shift to select multiple cells in Excel. Other Number Pad features include: Backspace, Delete, Equal (=), Esc, Page Up, and Page Down.

A dedicated TAB key on the Number Pad lets you speed through forms and spreadsheets, and leaves your other hand free to flip through data (receipts, documents, etc.) being entered.

Cut, Copy, Paste Faster

Hold down Optimize and you have entire rows of Cut, Copy, and Paste keys, so you’ll never miss.

Edit Text Faster

Hold down Optimize and the keys under your right hand become arrow keys. Combine with Shift to select individual characters, words, even entire lines.

What’s the secret?
Other keyboards force you to move your hands (and arms) to reach the commands you use all day, every day. The Optimizer puts those commands MUCH closer — at or near where your hands already are — so no time is wasted moving them. Much more efficient. Much faster. You’ll feel the difference immediately.

Other keyboards - moving your hands wastes time.  Optimizer - your hands move much less.

additional features

High-Quality Dome Switches.
The Optimizer uses high-quality rubber dome keyswitches. They give the keys a quiet tactile feel, yet offer enough resistance to hold the weight of your hands, which reduces long-term fatigue.

Optimizer - profile view

Work less. Achieve more. Optimizer.

With the Optimizer Keyboard, you’ll get your work done faster, leaving you with more time to do the things you really enjoy — Or, you can work the same amount of time you do now, and watch your productivity soar.

  Save up to 10-15 minutes per day - or 1 work week per year!


where can I get one?

The Optimizer Keyboard has been retired and is no longer available.



Optimizer Key functions

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...Split-second access to:

• Arrow Keys (←↑→↓)
• Home, End
• Page Up, Page Down
• Equal (=) on Number Pad

• Cut, Copy, Paste
• Enter, Esc
• Delete, Backspace
• Erase Word (← →)

• Select (←↑→↓)
• Select All
• Select Word (← →)
• Move by Word (← →)

• Web browser Back, Forward
• Launch Calculator
• Caps Lock, Num Lock



where can I get one?

All of the Optimizer's special functions are built right in to the keyboard, making it easy on you and your I.T. department to get started.

There is no special software to install, no nasty software conflicts to contend with. Simply plug in the keyboard and start Optimizing!

For Mac Users: The Optimizer comes pre-programmed for Windows. To re-program it for Mac, please follow these instructions.

System Requirements
Compatible with Windows, Mac, or Linux PCs. One USB port required.

      47.5 x 17.3 x 3.5 cm
      (18.7" x 6.8" x 1.4")
Weight: 727 g (1.6 lbs)
Cable Length: 139 cm (54.7")



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