Setting up the Optimizer on Mac OS X

The Optimizer comes pre-programmed for Windows. To re-program it for Mac, please follow the instructions below. Once this is completed, no drivers or other special software are required - All of the Optimizer's special functions are now programmed into the keyboard.


1. Click on the icon below to download the Optimizer Setup file:

2. Open Optimizer Setup:

3. Drag desired layout file into KeyWarrior Programmer for Optimizer application:

4. After application opens, proceed to Step 5 to confirm the layout (click for larger image):

5. Click on desired layout, then click Open:

6. Plug the Optimizer Keyboard into a USB port on your Mac. The application will wait for you to complete this step:

7. The blue progress bar appears on the screen:

8. When setup is complete, you will see... "Status: Updated successfully":

9. Choose Quit from the File menu. Your Optimizer is now ready to use!



Need help? Please contact our Technical Support team:

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