QR my Page    QR my Page  —   Webpage QR barcodes generated on the fly

Why do I need this?

You're reading a webpage on your laptop, but you have to go.

You want to continue reading it on your smartphone — or in my case, an iPod touch — but it's too much hassle and fuss to type a long web address on the device's little keyboard.

QR my Page is the solution to this problem.

      A Bookmarklet

This is the QR my Page bookmarklet.

Click it to generate a scannable barcode of the current page's web address.

Next, use your smartphone's built-in camera + a (free) QR scanning app to scan the barcode.

The web page opens automatically. No typing required.

QR my Page
QR my Page

To install, simply click & drag it into the bookmark bar of your web browser — works with Safari, Firefox, and Google Chrome.

Click OK to confirm the button name.
Now simply press the QR my Page button to generate a QR code of the current webpage...
A window will open with a QR barcode big enough to scan right off the screen.

The QR scanner app will convert the barcode into a URL, and hand it off to the web browser.

Here are a few QR scanning apps for the iPhone & iPod touch...

RedLaser  RedLaser

Bakodo  Bakodo

QR Code Reader and Scanner  QR Code Reader and Scanner
Beam a webpage from one smartphone to another

QR my Page is also handy for sharing a webpage with a friend, via your smartphone or iPod touch.

To install, paste this code into a new bookmark on your smartphone or iPod's web browser...




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