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Programmable Ergo Pro keyboard Programmable Ergo Pro

Our BEST keyboard is now programmable.

for PC & Mac 


Matias RGB Backlit Wired Aluminum Keyboard for Mac RGB Backlit Wired Aluminum Keyboard for Mac

The perfect wired backlit keyboard for your Mac — so perfect, Apple could’ve made it.


Matias RGB Backlit Wired Aluminum Keyboard for PC RGB Backlit Wired Aluminum Keyboard for PC

When style meets quality, this is what you get — a backlit PC keyboard with class.


Matias Wired Aluminum Keyboard for Mac Wired Aluminum Keyboard for Mac

A worthy successor to Apple’s original WIRED aluminum keyboard.


Matias Wired Keyboard for Mac Wired Keyboard for Mac

A low-cost substitute for Apple’s WIRED keyboard.


Matias Wireless Aluminum Keyboard with Backlight Backlit Wireless Aluminum Keyboard

+    Aluminum
+    Bluetooth
+    Backlit
=    Awesome

We’ve taken Apple’s iconic aluminum keyboard design to the next level...

for Mac, PC, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch & Android 


Matias Wireless Aluminum Keyboard Wireless Aluminum Keyboard

Taking design cues from Apple’s iconic aluminum keyboards, the Matias Wireless Aluminum Keyboard is available in 4 gorgeous colours — Silver, Gold, Space Gray, and Rose Gold.

for Mac, PC, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch & Android 


Ergo Pro keyboard Ergo Pro

All the tactile feedback, greater comfort, faster typing speeds, and quiet operation of a Matias mechanical keyboard... in an ERGONOMIC form factor.

for PC & Mac 


Quiet Pro keyboard Quiet Pro keyboard

The world's quietest mechanical keyboard.

for PC & Mac 


Mini Quiet Pro keyboard Mini Quiet Pro

Based on our awarding-winning Quiet Pro keyboard, the Mini Quiet Pro gives you all of the tactile feedback, greater comfort, and faster typing speeds of a mechanical keyboard... but QUIET and smaller.

for PC 


Laptop Pro keyboard Laptop Pro keyboard

Without question, the best Bluetooth keyboard on the market today. Built from our Quiet Click mechanical keyswitches, you get the speed, comfort, and tactile feedback of a mechanical keyboard — without the noise.

for Mac 


Tactile Pro keyboard Tactile Pro

“The best keyboard Apple ever made” rises again.
Computer users who crave the feel of Apple and IBM's high-quality "clicky" keyboards of years ago, will love the Tactile Pro.

for Mac 


Mini Tactile Pro keyboard Mini Tactile Pro

Based on our award-winning Tactile Pro, the Mini Tactile Pro gives you the amazing feel and "clicky" feedback of Apple and IBM's high-quality keyboards of years ago, in a size that's perfect for tight spaces.

for Mac 


Matias 60% Keyboard Matias
60% Keyboard

The world’s most USABLE compact mechanical keyboard.
SNEAK PREVIEW — Made at the behest of the keyboard enthusiast community, the Matias 60% Keyboard is the first 60% keyboard with a full set of navigation keys.

for PC & Mac 


Keycaps Matias
ALPS keycaps

Customize the look of your Matias mechanical keyboard with these replacement ALPS keycaps, stabilizers, and hooks.


Matias mechanical keyswitches ALPS-inspired Matias Mechanical keyswitches

The best switches, now available again.
Lovingly designed over a period of several years, these switches are the reason our best keyboards are as good as they are. Three variants are available...


USB 2.0 Keyboard Matias
Dvorak Pro

Gives you the super-efficient Dvorak layout, hardwired right into the keyboard AND it's also switchable back to QWERTY.

for Mac & PC 



half keyboard Half Keyboard

The revolutionary Half Keyboard allows one-handed touch-typing using your existing skills. Ultra-compact design with full-keyboard functionality.

for Mac & PC 


half-qwerty keyboard Half-QWERTY keyboard

A full keyboard with two embedded Half Keyboards lets you type with one hand or two, for the ultimate flexibility.

for Mac & PC 



iFold - click for more information iFold

Raises your laptop to eye level, giving you desktop comfort, without sacrificing laptop convenience.  Use with an external keyboard & mouse to alleviate neck and wrist pain.

for Laptops 


iRizer - click for more information iRizer

The iRizer's sleek, interlocking design adjusts to 4 different heights – helping to prevent neck and wrist pain by raising your laptop's keyboard and screen to a more comfortable angle. Perfect for home, office, or travel.

for Laptops & Tablets 


iRizer - click for more information iRizer for iPad

Understated and elegant, the iRizer for iPad has everything you need in an iPad stand — rock solid stability, a wide range of viewing angles, and ultra-slim portability.

for Tablets 


MiniRizer - click for more information MiniRizer

Like an iRizer for your iPhone, the pocket-sized MiniRizer lifts and tilts your favorite gadgets – making it much more comfortable for you to watch videos, or keep an eye on things.

for Smartphones 


armor clip armor clip

The highest-quality, most reliable belt clip system available to carry your personal electronics.


retired / discontinued